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Common Questions

1How do I setup my phones? I am not very TECHY!
Anyone can use Janhost Voice, simply plug your phones into an internet connection and you're ready to go. An account rep will contact you for training and customize your phone experience.
2What if I have offices in multiple locations?
We can do that too. Because we are cloud-based we will ship phones to each location. All you have to do it simply plug them into any reliable high-speed internet connection and Janhost Voice will auto connect all your locations.
3What if I need more phones later?
We'll grow with you. Simply give us a call and your account representative will send you phones as you need them.
4Do I need High-Speed Internet?
Yes. Because we are cloud-based we do require a High-Speed internet connection. See also “How fast should my internet connection be?”
5Do you support E911?
Yes. Your account representative will setup 911 for your locations.
6Can I keep my current phone number?
Yes! you can keep your current phone number. We will port your number into our system. It’s a very simple process.
7Can I still use my credit card machine?
Most credit cards machines have an internet data port. Simply plug it into your internet, and verify with your merchant service provider to make sure it is supported.
8What about my Fax line?
Janhost Voice fax to email and email to fax service eliminates the need of an old outdated fax machine. If a Fax machine is required, Janhost Voice can setup an Analog telephone adapter(ATA), so you can continue to use your fax machine the same as before?

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