9 LinkedIn strategies to help you generate quality leads

In a sea of social media platforms, LinkedIn stands out as one that is specifically designed for business. While you can find larger potential audiences on other sites like Facebook and Instagram, these platforms are often used for socializing and relaxation, and people may not always be thinking about complex issues like buying or selling a home.

Many people use LinkedIn when they are in “business mode,” and if they see you on another social media platform, they are likely to check out your LinkedIn profile before getting in touch. Below, we reveal nine strategies you can use to start generating more leads from LinkedIn.

1. Connect with High Net Worth Individuals

Building a network of high-value properties can be a game-changer for those in commission-based businesses. Start by connecting with people in the sphere of the high net worth individuals you want to reach. Once you have a few mutual connections, you can add your target and open the door for them to see your content and message you directly.

2. Find Common Ground With Potential Leads

While some buyers or sellers may be more interested in working with people who share the same interests, many are more interested in relating to you on a professional level. Consider joining LinkedIn groups with alumni or supporting common causes to find common ground with potential leads.

3. Increase your visibility with less noise 

One of the challenges of other social media platforms is getting your content seen amidst all the other posts. LinkedIn tends to have a lower level of noise, so your content is more likely to stand out and get noticed.

4. Promote your open houses and events

Posts about open houses and events tend to do well on LinkedIn, as there is less competition for attention compared to other social media platforms.

5. Take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm

The LinkedIn algorithm is made to put you in touch with professionals who can help you move up in your career, such as potential buyers and sellers or people who can put you in touch with them. The algorithm looks at who you send emails to and who visits your website, and it may suggest these people as possible connections for you.

6. Use hashtags

As with all social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to use hashtags to reach a specific audience. But it’s best to use no more than three to five hashtags per post so you don’t look like you’re spamming.

7. Engage with your network

Make sure to engage with your growing LinkedIn network through likes and comments on your connections’ posts. Sharing insights, and experiences, or congratulating a connection on an achievement is a great way to stay top of mind.

8. Leverage LinkedIn Premium Insights

If you start to see an increase in your LinkedIn engagement, you may want to consider upgrading to a LinkedIn Premium membership. While this does come with a monthly fee, it provides additional insights, such as who is viewing your profile and the ability to send inmails to people you are not yet connected to.

9. Increase reach with sponsored posts and LinkedIn Ads

To reach a larger audience, consider using sponsored posts or LinkedIn Ads. With these paid options, you can reach out to specific groups and make your content more visible on the platform.


LinkedIn is a social media platform specifically designed for professionals and businesses, making it an excellent place to generate leads. To get the most out of LinkedIn, consider connecting with high-net-worth individuals, finding common ground with potential leads, increasing your visibility by posting content that stands out from the noise of other social media platforms, promoting your open houses and events, taking advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm, using hashtags, engaging with your network, leveraging LinkedIn Premium insights, and increasing your reach with sponsored posts and LinkedIn Ads. By following these strategies, you can effectively use LinkedIn to generate leads and build your business.

EJ Filone

EJ Filone

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